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Transforming Access to Ultrasound through Technology



A Breakthrough Ultrasound Technology Designed for the Demands of Rural and Remote Environments

SecureScan International is a health care company, based in the U.S. and India, developing a proprietary diagnostic ultrasound technology that will significantly improve access to healthcare in rural areas of India and other countries. Currently, India’s PCPNDT laws restrict the availability of ultrasound services beyond government-certified clinics in major population centers because of concern that ultrasound is widely used for fetal sex determination. The SecureScan system is designed to serve 840 million rural Indian citizens without adequate access to high quality ultrasound services, while preventing the unauthorized display or release of fetal sex information. SecureScan’s ultrasound system is modestly priced and durable, which will allow cost-effective production and deployment in rural India. The SecureScan technology is designed as black box technology that will work with multiple ultrasound systems. The technology requires minimal operator training, which increases efficient resource management of skilled ultra-sonography consultants, who are in short supply in rural India. Data obtained by SecureScan personnel in rural settings will allow a distant consultant radiologist to employ her skills across a wide geographic area for hundreds of patients in need. We expect that as data acquisition costs shrink, consultant efficiency and cost-effectiveness will increase.


SecureScan’s managers, directors and adviser team have broad experience in founding and managing successful medical device and healthcare organizations in the US and India.

Leadership team

Raghu Raghavan


Raghu Raghavan, PhD, is CEO of SecureScan and a co-inventor of the ultrasound technology. Dr. Raghavan has over 30 years of computational mathematics and computer science experience that is directly relevant to the development of the SecureScan ultrasound system.

Shailendra Nalige


Shailendra Nalige is the COO of SecureScan and oversees all operations in India. He will work with the regulatory agencies in India to obtain product approval, and manage the day-to-day operations of the Company.

Chris Duncan


Chris Duncan is Chairman of SecureScan. He has over 25 years in start-up and business management experience, including President of Pixel Health, which provides technology-enabled healthcare services in India and the US. Mr. Duncan oversees all corporate activities of SecureScan, including relations with shareholders, investors, and business partners

Josee Sarrazin

Clinical Lead

Dr Josee Sarrazin, M.D., FRCP(C), is a radiology specialist and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, where she has developed needs based education programs since 1988. Her extensive background in delivering ultrasound based care for developing countries and her work on the Global Health Ultrasound Committee gives her the ideal skills and experience to guide SecureScan through clinical development and deployment of our technology.


Shyam Vasudev

Shyam Vasudev, PhD, is an advisor to SecureScan on both product and business development..He currently serves as Managing Director of Forus Health, which he co-founded in 2010. Forus’ business involves delivery of innovative low-cost products and services to rural India

Robert Muratore

Robert Muratore, PhD, is a technical adviser to SecureScan. Dr. Muratore is a research scientist and the past Chairman of the Ultrasound Industry Association.

Kiran Rangaswamy

Confounder and CEO of Amaryllis, one the largest manufacturer of disposable surgical drapes and gowns in India with a 50% market share supplying over 250 hospitals across 15 states.

Aravind Chinchure

Aravind Chinchure has a Ph. D. in Physics with 20 years of experience in R &s; D, innovation, intellectual property, venture investment, business strategy, policy and teaching. He has worked on diverse technology areas in the field of materials, chemistry, physics, electronics, renewable energy and information technology

John Kucharczyk

John Kucharczyk, PhD, will advise on product development and marketing strategies. Most recently, he served as President &s; CEO of NexGen Medical Systems, a medical device company in the U.S.

Martin Brady

Martin Brady, PhD, is an adviser to SecureScan who will assist in coding and algorithm development. Dr. Brady co-founded Therataxis LLC, where he specializes in 3D graphics and data visualization, medical image processing and reconstruction.

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